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May 27, 2020
We are new to raising chicks. We have 4 that are 9 days old. One of them had a foot injury at two days old, red and swollen, not putting weight on it. We gave many epsom salt soaks, used anti-biotic ointment and covered with vet wrap. Now the redness is gone and she can put weight on the foot, but she tends to put it out to the side somewhat. She rocks for balance, stumbles like she is drunk when she moves around, and falls from time to time. She is not gaining weight like the others and I am taking her out to feed her by hand and make sure she get water. Does anyone know how I can help her?

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Can you post some photos of the chick, her foot/leg, etc.?
If possible, a video of her movements may be helpful - upload to youtube and provide a link.

What are you feeding?
I would try giving her 1/4 tablet B-Complex daily for a week, see if that helps.

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