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    Aug 16, 2016
    I have one of my hens, I noticed today she didn't go in the coop tonight, she was under the ramp to go in. I picked her up and put her in she was wobbling and went into the nesting box and layer down. I separated her In another coop. We have been gone and just noticed. It looks like it could be neurological. She almost 2 years. Thanks for any help
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    Injury? Frostbite? Wobbling or limping?
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    I would start poultry vitamins in the water, or give her 2-3 drops of polyvisol without iron baby vitamins daily, in case of a vitamin deficiency. There can be many causes of sudden lameness. She most likely injured herself, but try and see if she move both legs and wings and stand up. Mold in feed, Mareks disease, and even internal laying can cause problems in balance or lameness. Even dehydration or lack of eating can do that. Check her crop to see if it ll, empty, full, soft or hard. After not eating overnight, it should be mostly empty. Just give her a thorough lookover.
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