Stumped on what killed my chicken..

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by minifarmmom, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Mar 5, 2016
    So a few weeks ago two of our chickens went completely missing along with our cat later that night. We assumed it was coyotes because there was no sign of any of them. Plus it was done during the day whereas a coon or fox wouldn't hunt. Now just today I found one of our other chickens dead on the edge of the yard back by our pine trees.. only partially eaten. I would think if it was a coyote again it wouldn't taken it away, same with a hawk. I don't think it could've been an owl since they are awake at night...any ideas? We live in the country Minnesota where there is an abundance of hawks, coons, fox, coyotes, skunk, badgers, etc.. I didn't see a trail of paw prints either. It could've been a dog I suppose..but wouldn't it have killed the rest of the flock and not ate any of it?? So confused! Maybe it was another coyote and decided to try to eat it there but got scared off??
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    I free range and have lots of coyotes around. In spring you have to watch out for young coyotes in brite daylight and on cloudy days I keep the geese and ducks penned. They still get a duck or so each year.but at least they keep even worse predictors away such as grey fox bobcat coata Mundies and stuff like that.
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    A photo of the crime scene would help.

    Hawks are generally unable to lift and fly off with any fresh killed adult chicken.
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