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11 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Nova Scotia
Well, Stumpy has made it to 5.5 weeks. He has been stepped on, man handled, dropped once, his tail pinched and fed suppliments from day one.

Stumpy came to us on May 2nd, one of four Australorps. From the first time I set eyes on him at the breeder, he was always laying down. However, when things got exciting, you can bet Stumpy was the first one to get running with his little penguin waddle. Of course most 1.5 weeks olds waddle so I didnt think much of it. He struggled and kicked as well as the others so there was never a thought of any trouble.

I packed them all in a little box and carried them 20 kl to my home over gravel roads and potholes galore.

When the little guys came home, they all huddled in the corner of their 33 litre tub and peeped, and who was the loudest?


In the first week all the little guys ever did was peep and poop and eat and peep. They huddled in a ball and stayed warm under their light. It seemed to be a game with them to see whoo could hide under the others better. Who was best at it?


After a week, the other birds were up and running, peeping and eating, scratching and preening as thier new feathers came in. Stumpy remained in his corner, peeping forlornly. By this time his new Momma knew there was something not quite right. He never got up to play with the other chicks and he seemed to never get any peace because he was being trampled every time he tried to eat or sleep. So he laid there and peeped sadly in his little corner.

After 1.5 weeks, the chicks were just too big for their little box so Momma built them a nice big wooden box. Their little box made them look big but the new big box made them look even smaller and more fragile then before. At first the big box was scary and full of scare things, like that big bar over thier heads that Momma called a Roost. And there was the metal stuff that kept the huge orange furry big eyed predator out. Of course the cat never introduced himself, his years of acting like a kitten had long past. As he neared his 16th birthday., he found the little birds very annoying because Mom and Pop paid more attention to them than him.

Soon, the other chicks began to charge across thier brooder box, squawking and hopping and trying to fly. Stumpy watched on and peeped. Momma soon noticed that Stumpy was deffinately not normal. At times he got a glazed look in his eye and his little head would roll back and nearly touch his back. Sometimes he would peep and shake his head trying to stop this strange thing that was happening. So Momma took action.

Stumpy soon found out what was outside the big box. Set on an enormous lap, he was offered mushy food that made a mess of his face, but he loved it. Three times a day, despite his fear of heights and being lifted up out of his comfy box, Stumpy would be offered a nice thick mash of tasty crumbles. It tasted so good, but he didnt like eating from a dish, it had to be from his Mommas fingers. After a week, the strange head thing began to recede. Soon it was was only happening once every so often, if at all.

Momma had worried about Stumpy. She had started to wonder if he was going to make it through whatever it was that was making him so sick. She even considered sending him to chick heaven. But her DH spoke up, and for a big man, he cried a little and said, "Give him a chance, he hasnt given up on us, so we should not give up on him. When he gives in, then we can let him go." So Momma gave Stumpy a chance. She intensified his vitamin fortified feedings and gave him as much as he could eat. Sometimes five times a day he would be stuffed with the mushy goodness.

And a wonderful thing happened!

Stumpy was starting to grow. His feathers were poking out like quills and he was able to stand for short periods of time. He was able to move when the other birds started to play. Though he was not able to actually play with the other birds, at least he could move around where he wished without the threat of being stampeded. Stumpy began to discover things, like hair, noses, fingers and of course meal worms! One of Stumpy's favorite things is to stretch, so he will roll over, nearly on his back and kick out is little leg and stretch his wing.

Despite his permanently stunted legs and his slightly deformed face, Stumpy has improved ten fold! He does not peep in distress constantly, he nibbles at whatever his little beak can find. He complains still at being lifted, but he is soon learning that people = worms and he is starting to like his little moments out of the brooder. Now at 5.5 weeks, Stumpy has grown very well. There may still be a bright future for Stumpy. Though he will never run, he can still at least enjoy a nice mash filled life of love and treats, and most of all worms!

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oh so sweet I am so glad you did not give up on him and gave him a fighting chance I hate reading when people put there chicks down for mis form legs and stuff like that. I think give them a chance if there still fighting. so glad to hear your story Go Stumpy. please keep us informed of his well being maybe it will save another chicks life
lol I told Stumpy he had some fans and he fluffed up and gobbled down more mash! haha!

He really has become a little piggy!!

Ill definitely keep everyone posted on his progress
I cant believe what one week did to turn him around!
Im not completely sure yet on what "he" is lol. Im guessing a roo because his comb is so much larger than any of the others, but his head is a bit malformed, so its just a guess at this point.
Nope, he will become a family pet. We will make him a place in the barn. His siblings have been really good to him with no pecking. The older bird, Dragon seems to be his care taker, she sticks close to him and because she does, the other birds dont seem to give him a hard time. Im surprised because I thought they would start tearing him apart by this time. But so far so good.
Stumpy has made it to 8 weeks!!

He hates being held, but loves to hide in my armpit, which is very uncomfortable having his little beak burrow into my skin lol. All his siblings have moved outside and he has 2 additional siblings. Two very high strung, whacked out RIR's. One of them was rehomed today and the other remains to keep Stumpy company for a little longer until he can be rehomed too. Stumpy will be lonely when the last chick goes. So im considering getting him 2 bantam cochins :) We will see though! I have 10 birds already!!

He has had no major issues since the last time I posted, although one of his wings is deformed and causing his feathers to splay out over his back. It does not seem to bother him and he seems perfectly able to eat everything he can gulp. Yeah he gulps. The wetter the mash, the happier the Stumpy lol.

Meanwhile, Stumpy is really good at waddling around with all his feathers puffed out, his thigh feathers look like joddaper pants that fancy horse people wear lol. Under his wings he has grown a very soft fur coat of down feathers. And although he would be stylish as a lady in a fur coat, he has decided to be a BOY!!

Yep, I think he is a boy! I'll have to get him a nice blue blankie and a little baseball glove! lol

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