Stunted chick being bullied when put back with the flock


May 28, 2020
Hey everyone. I have 6 two month old chicks. One of them had spraddle leg over a month ago and before we diagnosed the problem we separated her from everyone else for good measure. We put a brace on her and her leg was fixed in about a week. The problem is, we kept her separate for a while because we wanted to keep her on a smaller area while she was healing so she didn’t have to go far for food or get trampled over by the bigger chicks. A couple of weeks ago we put the big gals outside in their coop but since the little one was stunted she wasn’t feathered enough to handle the night temps. We’ve been taking her out during the day to be with her sisters but they bully her so much we’ve started only letting her out with supervision. I’m not sure what to do! She needs to go outside soon and is lonely in her little area inside. One chick in particular is very aggressive with her but another two will bully her as well. I’m afraid they’d really hurt her if I wasn’t there watching. Any suggestions?


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Can you make a separate fenced area for it. They will become more familiar with it again through the fence. After a week or two you can start trying to mix it back with the others under supervision. It may take a while. I wouldn't rush it.

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