Stunted Chick Growth


Jun 17, 2016
East Orlando, FL
I have 3 LF cornish chicks hatched from eggs that I purchased through the mail. The source is solid, I'm not worried about that. But since the chicks hatched 3 weeks ago, they haven't grown much at all. I noticed they weren't growing at the same rate as the other cornish chicks hatched a day or 2 earlier, so after a few days I moved them to another brooder just for those 3, but no change since then. They are still 43, 53 and 62 grams, and are 1/3 the size of the other cornish chicks hatched in the same timeframe. They seem happy other than appearing to be 3 days old...

My working theory at this time is that they were originally smaller than the rest, couldn't get to the feed so they filled up on pine shavings. This caused them not to be able to fill their crops normally. So I gave them some grit yesterday, started them on fermented feed, and again added probiotics to their water. I also moved them to a larger brooder so they have more room to be active, as their counterparts are already outside in their own coop.

Any thoughts on what may be going on? What else can I do?
Just a thought, is it possible that they are bantams? I've no experience with the cornish breed, but that would explain size difference in otherwise normal seeming chicks.
Nope, they are definitely large fowl, not bantam. I first thought it might be an issue with the eggs being shipped, but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

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