Stupid bird!


10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
central FL
It's after midnight and there's a mocking bird singing it's fool head off outside. It's been doing this for a couple days.
It's not really bothering me, but some of it's singing sounds like a chick in distress. I have some babies in a brooder and I keep jumping up to check on them. Of course they are all asleep, like good little birds.
You should get a monitor for those chicks, so you can watch them on a little screen while lying in bed
Nah, just kidding.

We get crickets here that chirp outside in the garden all night long. They're tiny, but you can't even imagine how loud that volume gets! Opening the windows for the night is a no-no when there are crickets around, or there go your hopes of getting to sleep!
The mocking bird can make those sounds for you! Our cockatiel and mocking birds copy each other, so both make some awful screeching noises, each trying to out do the other and loosing a bit in the translation.

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