stupid is expensive

I sorry you feel that don't seem stupid to me.
We are probably ALL stupid at one point or another.
I dont think you are stupid. (Of course I am the queen of clueless, and at least a few people dont think I am.
and the mother of cheesey doodle head?

$500 bucks of stupid on no income in the last 36 hours.

Yup and the mother of Cheesy Doodle head AKA... oops... can't tell until he says..... and also cpgracefulhorse
I know, It's real expensive because I realized I didn't carry a number over correctly on my checking account, and forgot to call the UIA office yesterday during the right timeframe
sorry, jeaucamom

give yourself a break tho. whatever the situation it will have a solution. try to center yourself - you need clear thinking and not blame.

you'll be ok.

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