Stupid LG!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!


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Apr 29, 2008
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I really hate my LG! Last time, I could not keep the temps up. This time, I cannot keep them down! It was not doing too badly at first, holding steady at 99.5* to 100.5*. Unfortunately, on day #2, I came one to that night after VBS to a temp of 114.8*!!!! EEEEEKK!!!!! I'm not sure how long it stayed there, but it was definitely too long. I candled for the second time last night (day 14) and I am down to 10 live chicks. I've left 12 eggs in there, but I'm 90% sure that the other 2 have stopped, but I want to be 100% sure before I pull them out for good.

DH and I have been discussing this stupid incubator deal, and we're definitely going to get another on before we try to hatch any more. He may try changing out the thermostat on the stupid thing, but I'm just fed up at this point. It did just fine before I set the eggs (just like last time, but it seems like once I put the eggs in it decides to go nuts.

It's in my pantry which is the most stable room in the house. In fact, we put a small space heater in there to make sure that the room temp is stable. We've had the air on in the house, but this room gets very little air circulation due to it's location and is always a lot warmer than the rest of the house. The heater is not running that much and the room temp is holding fairly steady at 77*.

I'm praying that, at this point, these 10 babies will make it to the end. I'm surprised that any of them have made it, to be honest. I can't tell you the number of times that stupid thing will hold steady at 99.7* for hours and then suddenly shoot up to 103 to 104*!!! I'm just thankful that I've been home to rectify the situation quickly!

No one is messing with the thermostat. In fact, that's the rule. Only I mess with the thermostat, add water, etc. Unless I ask DH to do something only after he has reported all the stats to me.

So, now it's a waiting game to see if any of my babies will survive.

Any suggestions on another incubator? Homemade vs. store bought? If store bought, what kind and why?
I would go for a brinsea 20 or whatever there called you can get them for about 99 dollers on sale and they are amazeingly stable with temp and humidity. You could buy a hovabator which a lot of people think are better then LG , But I say If you are gonna upgrade from a styro bator then UPGRADE and get a much more reliable . Just my opinion.
You may be keeping the room to warm about 65 is a good temp for a LG. Also no matter how tempting it is you should always think twice befor you touch the knob on an LG , there so sensative.
I have an LG with fan and have never gotten spikes like that. Once in awhile mine will hit 101. Maybe it is a bad thermostat? That is an outrageous spike!

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Trust me, I know. That knob is not touched very often at all, and then I use a small phillips head screwdriver that fits into the "knob" and it helps me to make very minute turns so that it does not have such a wide swing.

As for the room temp, if it's not kept where it is, the temps are wanting to drop to around 92* and stay there. This is the best temp that we've found for this round. Last time it was different. We could leave it as it was and it would hold the temps stable, but it took a while to get them to hold where I needed it to.

Like I said, before any eggs were added, it was holding the temp just fine at the room temp (which was about 65 to 67*). After the eggs were added, it just went nuts - either too high or too low. No more LG!

Oh! And on top of that, the motor on my autoturner quit working on day 2!!! DH took it off and I can now turn them by hand in the turner. Grrrr!! No more LG For me!!
I've got a fan in mine, too. I never dreamed it would spike like that. DH is going to try putting a hot water heater thermostat on it after this hatch and see if it does any better. I really don't want any more "mutts" but if he can get it work, I may try hatching a few more of my own one more time.
I tried hatching in an LG one time and will never do it again! I hated that thing!

You need to get rid of yours and buy a Hova Bator Genesis 1588. I have always had great hatches in mine and it is hassle free. Holds temps steady too! All you have to do is add water to the water trough and plug it in! You can't get any easier than that!
What helped greatly with my LG was the addition of a much larger knob to my thermostat. I can make much tinier adjustments. The fan helped some but the bigger knob did the trick. It actually was the knob off a dimmer switch but I got the idea from something I found online that talked about hot gluing a wooden disk on top. I also used a stiff piece of plastic (the side of a diaper wipes bin) to make the metered disk around it.

I hope your biddies make it


Set it and forget it, no spikes, no excuses, no styrofoam,

hatches every hatchable egg.

Durable, easy to clean

Takes only 10-15 min to reach and HOLD temperature.

I have a LG and I absolutely hate it!!!!!! bought it thinking of incubating eggs but instead I just use it as a hatcher! I use the Genesis 1588 it works great! Sandy

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