stupid question from a not SONEW BYcer


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Mar 16, 2009
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Ok I gave my friend a few birds a while back-straight run. Tonight she is coming back over to drop off a rbird that turned out to be a roo-he is a gorgeous EE. Now if I let him breed my Bo's and C queens-what would the offspring look like-they would all be the standard size bird but will the offspring pullets throw off the colored eggs too? Instead of the brown eggs? anyone have pictures???
You should get green and olive eggs, but may get brown eggs, too. I crossed a frizzled EE to my BR once and got a frizzled sex-link that lays brown eggs.
I do have a maran girl/she is crossed with a french black copper maran and a 100% true rumpless-she almost looks lavender with gorgeous gold chest feathers-yeah my new roo ...He's a keeper!!!!! I love love those dark green eggs!!!!

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