stupid question, garter snake in chicken run, no big deal???


10 Years
Sep 6, 2009
Just found snake in run, should I be concerned for chickens ever, or the snake
oh dear, hmmmm, not sure how to scoot it out, without screaming, LOL.

it's hiding behind a big rock in the run right now. oh man, I dare not go down there in case the girls are mutilating it.
I need a man !!!!!!!!!!!! Mines away on a course.
Or a little kid.

Garter snakes won't hurt you. Snakes don't scare me, but I know I'm really not normal. You might try putting a bucket over the snake and then slide a piece of cardboard underneath it, like catching a bug in the house or something. Then take the snake to safety.
good news.

I went and checked, snake was gone, no carcass pieces anywheres. I am thinking the snake skeedaddled right outta there once it realized where it had slitthered too, as he probably was thinking that there weren't chickens there a few weeks ago.

hopefully he wised up and won't come back.

I was thinking of getting the neighbors boy, he likes to collect frogs, so would have been easy for him.

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