Styrofoam - it's not just for chickens anymore!


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
Every spring for the past three years I've had a tiny little wren build herself a nest in the framework of the door on my adult coop. I've long since given up trying to discourage her. By the time I discover her nest she usually has eggs in it and I won't just casually throw out the eggs that she's worked so hard for. The only way to definitely keep her from making her nest there would be to lock the pop door on the coop. I can't do that because the hens need to have access to their nestboxes; so the wren stays. I've settled for spraying her nest down with the poultry protector/mite spray each spring.

Today I happened to notice her nest that's up against the styrofoam insulation on the inside of the door. Most of the insulation behind her nest is gone; a gap approximately the size of a tea saucer. Mrs. Wren's nest looks kinda cozy lined with all that insulation.

At least she's using it towards a goal. If the chickens could reach it, they'd just eat it.
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I feel your pain.
We have a little wren building a nest in our garage in a flower pot for the second year. I LOVED watching her teach the babies to fly all over the garage last year. It was a little dangerous and we needed protective eyewear, but they were adorable.
Last year "our" barn swallow that built her nest under the eave of the carport had to stand by and watch as a black snake ate all her babies. I was so mad!
awe that will be so cute. yeah chickens love to peck at everything, good thing they cant reach the styrofoam.
I had a wren build behind my greenhouse in between two styofoam seed planters. She has also hollowed out the stryofoan to create her nest. I don't know what happened but she must have somehow got trapped between the two seed trays and died in there! I felt awful, but I didn't even know she was there until I was cleaning up and found her little body.

I hung up a little basket for her to nest in under one of my eaves. Well she decided to nest in one of my flower baskets that is attached to the wall at my front door. I had put an artificial fern in it in the winter because it looked bare.

I feel very honored that she has chosen to nest where I can watch her!
It is getting to be that time again. I wonder where she's going to build this year?

Last year it was the clothespin bucket on the back porch. Had to go buy more clothespins until she was done with ours.

The year before it was in the nail pouch on my tool belt in the workshop. Had to carry my nails in a yogurt cup until she was finished with my pouch.

The year before it was in an open bag of oyster shell in the shop. Reached in to get a scoop full and she flew out in my face! Startled me so bad I fell backwards and cleaned off half the workbench.

Never know where she's going to make a nest. I wouldn't dare leave my boots on the porch this time of year...
A.T. Hagan :

Reached in to get a scoop full and she flew out in my face! Startled me so bad I fell backwards and cleaned off half the workbench.

Sorry, but....

My chickens think I have lost my mind. I now knock on their door before opening it, to give Mrs. Wren time to fly up to the rafters before opening the door.​
Chickens love styrofoam, they must realize it's high nutritious value
one day I was doing stuff and I heard the WEIRDEST noise. I looked over and there's this big sheet of styrofoam, I think a section of wall lining or something, and two of the geese were having a nice social styrofoam lunch together. They seemed to be having so much fun, I wasn't going to stop them.

We also had a feather-eating rooster. He'd eat feathers that were lying around on the ground. It was really funny to watch.

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