Styrofoam Vs Paper egg cartons???


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
So I wanna use egg cartons for turning and for hatching in my incubator. I CANNOT FIND paper cartons ANYWHERE only styrofoam.

I have never used the styrofoam to incubate or hatch in. Would it be ok to hatch in styrofoam egg cartons?
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I prefer the styrofoam. The paper-cardboard type always gets wet, like a wick.

I cut out the bottoms and low on the sides, to allow circulation.... though I don't know if it is necessary.

Good luck!
Thanks I guess that's what I am gonna use then
Neither, they take too much trouble in the long run. I bought the plastic egg tray from Cutlers supply for .99 cents and took a saw to them, dividing them into sections. I like 6 the best but I have a 12 too. They have the vents in and after I am done with them I put them in the dishwasher to sterilize and then use them over and over and over.....

Now Kathy if you are going to put pics.... then I guess I had better too!


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