Substitutions in flock order-now only one banty

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12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
Hi all,

MPC had to make substitutions in my order, which is fine, but now instead of 3 bantums, I'll only have one (a Buff Brahma).

Will the one bantum be OK in a flock of 14 standards? 2 are cochins...

I have 144" of roost space (2-6 foot roosts)(and can add more if needed). With the guidelines, I'll need 148". Do they sometimes squish together more???? Should I wait before adding another roost??

Thanks for your help.

They will squish together and I doubt 4 inches will break the deal. As for banty in the flock, she could do fine, but be careful if she is too small a standard roo can hurt her while mating and she might get pecked on. It will depend on how small she is vs the rest.
Thanks, Silkie, for your reply!

They are all hens-no roos. The bantum will be a Buff Brahma, so she will top out at about 2 pounds. The rest will be in the range from 4.5# (Lt. Brw Leghorn) to 8.5# cochins.

I think I'll put some hiding spots in the coop and run just in case.
I ordered more, but they weren't able to fill the order.

The chicks arrive in 11 days!

Thanks! Lisa

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