Sudden chicken death...?


Jul 23, 2019
Northwest Illinois
Back in March we got 10 chicks. 5 Dominiques and 5 golden Phoenix. When they were just little chicks two of them died in the brooder (we think they got squished or pecked), and then we were down to eight. A few weeks after we put them in the coop, two of them somehow escaped.. we ended up finding one but we were down to 7. Over this summer a few months back, we lost our rooster and two of our dominique’s from a raccoon and hawk attack.. we were then down to four chickens total. We left one day and the chickens were fine and came back to see one of our dominiques dead in the corner. No sign of injuries, no missing feathers, they had food and water and no mites or eggbound since they weren’t laying eggs yet. Well just today I get home and go collect eggs and another Dominique is dead in the nesting box! I’m so confused because it’s only been the dominiques dying and the Golden Phoenix either died in the brooder or got eaten. I did notice though that the chicken that died today wasn’t as developed as our other Dominique who is laying already, red bomb and red waddles. This one had almost no waddles, wasn’t laying and her comb was still small and not as vibrant red. I just want to know if this breed is known for sudden chicken death? Or if the batch that we got was a bad batch? I have no idea why more than one of the same batch and breed would just suddenly die like that when all of our other chickens are thriving.

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