Sudden Chicken Deaths -- HELP!!


11 Years
Aug 20, 2008
Shepherdsville, KY
We got a new young roo, about 4 mths old and the GP wanted to play with him and took out some feathers on his back... Roo seemed fine and was even walking around the yard outside the chicken coop where he hid for three days... then bam keeled over dead 1.5 weeks after the dog insident....

A day later one of my hens who's about 9 mths old, bam dead in the nesting box....

They each looked a bit dehydrated.... don't know how that could happen since it's been raining for what seems like forever... they had access to fresh water and we hand feed twice a day since our goats would eat the feed if we used a feeder....

Roo was an EE, Hen was a black mix....

To be careful I sprayed the chicken coop down with a bleach solution even the nesting boxes and threw in some DE....

Could the new Roo brought in a disease?? How do I keep the others from getting it??

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