Sudden Death


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Oct 27, 2019
Really sorry, sounds like she was a lovely quail :hugs

We tend to dwell on what we should or shouldn't have done when we loose a pet. It is important to forgive ourselves and learn to move on even though it's tough, for the sake of the ones we still have. Think about how you can do better for your other quails. All the things you wish you did for her, do for them. All owners go through this at some point, don't be too hard on yourself.
Couldn’t agree more.


Aug 8, 2018
Hudson Valley, NY
Hi Milo, I had a chicken my landlord asked me to take because the other chickens almost killed her her whole entire head was almost ripped open and so many of her feathers missing. She stayed inside I loved her she would let me pick her up she’d sit on my lap she cooed and fell asleep. One day after work I came home and I went to pick her up she didn’t really want me to but I wanted to put her diaper on so she could run around. She flapped and flapped made a weird noise, pooped on me seizured and then died I was crushed. She was healing and getting better. I blamed myself I sometimes still think I gave her a heart attack sometimes.
I went through it a million times that she was being a little more quiet that week, I should’ve taken her to the vet. But sometimes this stuff just happens and we don’t know why. It was most likely an underlying issue. Sometimes I have to chase my chickens and catch them and they don’t suddenly die. But Pearl was very week from her long history of abuse it could’ve been her heart gave out. Your little girl sounds very timid and tame and in the animal world I think that can be unfortunately sometimes be a sign of not being the strongest health wise as well.
I read there’s something called sudden death syndrome too so it probably was not you. I think you loved her and gave her the best life you could. The only suggestion I would make is follow your instincts and if it seems like they are acting funny trust yourself and take them to the vet or do some research that’s what I’ve changed since pearl died.
I’m sorry for your loss I understand how you feel.

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