sudden death


8 Years
Dec 6, 2011
I've not lost any chickens for years and, now, in the last week I've lost two - one was an Aracuana hen and the other was a black sex-link. Each had no wounds or any apparent cause of death -they were just dead. Both were on their sides and their legs looked like they were running -one forward and one back. I have around 30 chickens, 16 turkeys and 5 guineas. None are aggressive, they have lots of room, go outside daily and eat crumbles, scratch grain and some treats like popcorn or scraps. They were probably 2-4 years old.
I am sorry for your losses. You can send them for necropsy next time (requires refrigeration of the body until shipping) by contacting your state vet or county extension agent.

Mareks has the reputation of the leg forward leg back position, but I think your best bet would be necropsy next time.

There are many threads on Mareks...also info here:

It could be some other problem...I don't know enough to say if there is even a chance it was Mareks since there were no symtoms beforehand.

Maybe it is a predator???

Or here:
diagnosis charts at bottom, dead birds no sign of disease fowl cholera it mentions
Overnight death is not really a common symptom of Marek's. I had 2 of mine just drop dead over night and still don't know why. I was guessing a dead mouse they shared.
I would go thru your chicken area and see if you find anything.

Think about all the things they could have in common.
I had 2 twelve week olds drop overnight without symptoms and they had necrotic enteritis.

You may want to send one for necropsy.

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