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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Pseudo-Dionysius, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Pseudo-Dionysius

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    Jun 8, 2017
    I've been raising brown Chinese goslings (4 - 2 male, 2 female) for the first time. I estimate they were at least a week or two old when I purchased them and they were visibly thriving for about a month after taking them home.

    About one to two weeks after successfully moving them outside without a heating lamp, my goslings started dying under mysterious circumstances: (1) The dead gosling was found with his head hanging outside the bars of the dog cage in which the goslings were being kept. I'm open to the possibility of predation (i.e. a coon trying to drag him out of the cage) - however there were no physical marks. (2) The second dead gosling was found the very next day, just lying in the middle of the cage without any sign of external injury. (3) A day later, I found the larger of the two remaining goslings sitting atop the smaller one. The smaller one was very weak. I brought it indoors and put it under a heating lamp but it didn't survive through the day. (4) Now, more than a week after the deaths of the other goslings, I just discovered the remaining one in a very weak and unresponsive state. I checked on him early in the morning and he was very vocal with no signs of injury or odd behavior (feces, etc are normal). Just a few hours later, I found him laying sprawled out on his back. I've brought him inside and gave him a hot bath and he's currently under the lamp. He is so unresponsive I put his beak in the water to give him a drink but he initially couldn't even lift his head out of the water and was starting to drown. I don't think he will survive.

    Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this? A friend suggested botulism but I don't know where/how they could have all picked up that disease. I've raised chickens on another part of the property for years and they have never had health issues. I want to raise geese in the future, despite this initial failure - however I need to make sure there isn't something on the property that will lead to this same result.

    Thank you!
  2. Dad

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    May 29, 2017
    That seems terrible if there aren't any external injuries it most likely may have been a disease. But then agian I've had chickens who got they're blood sucked out by a weasle. Hope they get better :goodpost:
  3. Pseudo-Dionysius

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    Jun 8, 2017
    So, update, the goose mentioned above had a series of convulsions/seizures shortly after I finished posting earlier this morning and is now dead and buried. I was hesitant to process him because I have no idea why he died.

    Any ideas? This goose was up and running yesterday and this morning without a problem. I would have never suspected him to drop dead like this.
  4. mickeymushroom

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    Jun 10, 2013
    That's a concern for sure. What were you using as bedding? Goslings will eat pine shavings. also, were you feeding them layer feed? They can't metabolize calcium too early. Did they have exposure to sun light. Vitamin d deficiency will cause the rickets and lethargy sets in resulting in weakness and death. Were you offering them supplemental nutrients in the water? Also, if you don't keep the water clean (and the waterer scrubbed with soap and water), They can get sick from the bacteria that builds up. Metzer Farms website has all the information and FAQ you should need on how to properly raise goslings.
  5. SunshineMary

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    Jun 11, 2016
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    Coccidiosis kills pretty quickly. It isn't usually as big a problem for geese as for other poultry, but it's possible.

    Also, aspergillosis can be an issue if you're using straw or fresh wood chips for bedding.
  6. mominoz

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    Feb 17, 2009
    North Georgia
    I don't put mine outside until they have their backs feathered up... What feed/ I use flock raiser by Purina, and then start to cut it with oats around 2-3 weeks...If they aren't feathered up they have no protection with, damp or wet... possibly a toxin/ my guess at this age is toxin/wrong or too little food and shelter/heat.Predation is easy to spot, no heads ,etc. I have lost one or two suddenly in mid-summer when really hot...I think it may be a toxin or mold or bacteria... Losing all points to food or toxin...IMO
  7. Jay2017hesser

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    Jul 31, 2017
    I had something happen yesterday check my article I just posted!

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