Sudden increase of feed consumption


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Aug 21, 2009
Vista Ca
I have a three pound feeder that normaly lasts 3 days for my four hens but over the last week they have been going through the three pounds in one day

2 redstars 1 black star and an Easter egger. The red stars and back are 20 weeks old the ee is about a year. the back star and one red star are laying 6 eggs a week each for the last month. One of the red stars has not laied yet and the Easter egger has been molting sence we got them from my aunt two months ago.

Dose any one know why there is a sudden increase of feed consumption
My feed consumption has skyrocked in the past couple of days! Im interested too....
I have had the same problem as of yesterday. I believe Bear Foot Farm could be right in saying it is the cool weather. The weather has changed around just in the last week.
Rats, mice, chipmunks and squirrels. For me the chipmunks were the worse! I couldn't believe how fast they could take the food, store it and come back for more.

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