Sudden paralysis


7 Years
Sep 28, 2012
I have a 5 month old Maran that has been fine until late last night. Had company and it was late when I checked on them. All were in coop for night except her. I had to lift her up in coop. It was really hot and humid yesterday, but I am in Texas and we have had many days like this. I did wet the coop down late afternoon trying to cool them some! This morning they were all out of coop except her, put her out, still can't walk. Her eyes are clear, she has ate a little, but not drinking much. I think most of my 7 chickens are laying eggs. I have her in a separate cage at the moment. Any ideas what could be wrong or what to do! Thanks
yes, they were supposed to be by the company I bought them from. Plus medicated feed in early stages! I am leaning toward having problems laying an egg. What and How would a chicken get Mereks?
That would lower the chances and I wouldn't be so worried about the other hens, but vaccinations do not guarantee, I think only 90%.

Mareks is a highly contagious disease. It blows in on the wind from other places that are infected, or if you had chickens a while ago that had it, it could come from them.

Of course, your bird could have simply hit a nerve or hurt something. Feel her legs, if she pulls back like she's in pain, it's probably not Mareks, but an injury. If you can feel around the leg I would try to find a break, and set it if you find one, or assume just lame for the time being, sprain, broke a tendon, etc..
We live in the country and this is my first time to raise chickens, so I am thinking I am pretty safe from Mareks. No other chickens around that I am aware of. I will check her legs. I appreciate all your help. I will give her a day or two and hopes she recovers!
Mareks can come in from wild birds, so being in the country doesn't keep you safe from it.

There could be any number of issues, she could have hurt her leg. Check her over and keep a close eye on her.

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