Suddenly...NO EGGS!

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Hi all -

I have 8 layyers who have been giving me about 4-5 eggs a day all summer/early fall..and suddenly, no eggs for the last 3 days. NONE!
There don't seem to be any predators getting in adn taking them. Now, I was in the hospital for a week and they ran out of food the day before I got home - were starving and thirsty when I arrived on Friday, and the coop needs to be cleaned (today's chore) I try to find reasons for the dissapearance of eggs.

Any ideas why??? What I should do???
Any advice would be most appreciated.


The lack of feed and water might have something to do with it. It's an old way to force a molt but having only been without the food and water for 1's not likely to screw up their reproductive tracts that fast.

Being in the US right now the seasons are changing. This means that the photoperiod is becoming less and less. With less and less light the hens are switching from reproductive mode to "survival" mode. Their repro tracts shrink during this time to prepare for colder days which will be coming fairly soon.

It's just something that happens during this time of year. The egg production should pick back up when the days get longer and longer. OR you can put a light in the coop so that when they go to bed they get some extra periods of light. Please note that this will put an extra strain on them because they are trying to keep warm and "survive" during the winter (even though we put feed out for them! lol!).
I had been getting 4-5 eggs per day and for 8 days, nothing. Like you, I checked for predators, egg eatting hen, hidden eggs etc. I never did find anything, but 8 days later, everyone back to normal.

I already had a light on a timmer which aritificially keeps their day light hours at about 14 hours.

Good luck!
thanks all - the girls range between almost 2 years and about 1 year. They are a mix of auracaunas, barred rocks, silver laced wyandottes and some odd cochins...all have been laying strongly until saturday.

I have not looked for hidden eggs and will do outside of the coop. I have let them run more than normal since I got home, feeling bad for them!
And, being in maine, our sunlight has diminished signficantly, so I have started the light as well, just since this weekend.

Also, I am fine - diagnosed with pulmonary emboli at the age of 51 - blood clots in the lungs - and for no apparent reason other than a low dose of estrogen for menopausal symptoms. So, be aware!!!

Well, we're glad you're okay! I bet the lack of food and water was the culprit. They probably won't begin laying again for a long time, since the days are shorter and all. Watch for lots of feathers under the roosts--that means they're going into molt. I had one that laid pretty regularly, then went into molt, and NOTHING. Give them some extra protein so they'll grow some new feathers.
I'm having the same problem. But our hens have been molting for a long time, a couple of months. Some look like they've regrown all their feathers, but others still look raggedy. We get an occasional egg, but not many at all. They're only 2 years old, production reds, barred rocks, black sexlinks. Someone mentioned feeding them sweet feed.
Don't worry-- once they get all feathery again they'll start laying. Some people say to feed them a handful of catfood each day w/ their chow. You can also give them meat scraps to pick at.
We're having the same problem too. After going through the search I realized that they are moulting ...even though I hadn't really noticed it in their feathering.

I will give them a little catfood and/or meat for extra protein to help the process move quickly.

Good luck! Hope yours get laying again soon!

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