Suddenly not going in coop at night, help!

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    Oct 24, 2016
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    I had a small flock of 2 hens and 2 roosters. I rehomed a rooster and got two new hens around the same age as my other 3; 5 months. I've never had issues with them going into the coop at night until the day I introduced the new 2. Only one hen went in for the night. The next night I put a night light on in the coop and eventually all 4 hens went in but my rooster still wouldn't. Is this normal with introducing new members? Once they are all used to each other will they all start going back into the coop at night?
  2. Not sure where you live or the temperatures ?

    I always just go out before Dark and herd my Chickens into the coop and shut the door....

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    Yes, it's normal. Chickens wrote the book on xenophobia. They hate it when you bring home a couple of strangers.

    Recently, I introduced an older rescued hen to my flock because hers had all been killed by a predator. There were four very young hens in the coop where I told her she would be living. That night, one of the original roomies moved herself permanently into the other coop housing much older chickens. The remaining three insisted on roosting out in the run for several nights running. No one wanted to sleep with the new kid.

    I left the first deserter to her decision to move to the other coop, but each night I moved the three protestors back into their coop until they finally got used to the new hen being one of them.

    Chickens hate change of any sort. Sometimes we just have to help them ease into it.
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    Haha! @azygous hit the nail on the head!

    Another thing to consider is whether your coop is big enough for all of them now that they are getting bigger.

  5. lol......Your so funny aart......;).....always a pleasure reading.....:)

  6. sunnie7

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    Oct 24, 2016
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    they had never had any issues going into the coop at night until I added the two new members. I locked them into the coop/ run together for the whole day and night yesterday. I had to work night shift last night and it was around 6:30 when I left and everyone was in the coop besides the rooster and one hen (neither of which are the new members). So hopefully they are just getting used to each other and will work it out.

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