Suddenly worried if HUmidity is High Enough!


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12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
I set my eggs yesterday. Temp is holding well at 100 and humidity at 54-56. I have had a sinus infection and not felt good and I swear I read the humidity needed to be 50-60, but this morning am re-reading all my articles and see 60.
Is what I have enough or should I increase it? I am keeping the one trough full and it is holding steady. HELP!
I keep the humidity between 40 to 50% the first 18 days, then 60 to 70% for the remaining 3....Having the humidity too high the first 18 days can cause all kinds of problems...
Oh Argh! Yes they are Chicken, so now it's too high

Dang this learning stuff stinks sometimes

Should I lower the water level some? I would hate to have gone through all of this and killed them the first day:hit
I got it to 44-45 by opening a vent. I have two Humidity Monitors, the wet/dry that came with it and a digital that also has temp. I also have the traditional thermometer that came with it. All are reading about the same. Digital says temp 99-100 , standard is staying at 100. Wet/dry is saying 45 humidity and digital is at 44.
Hope I didn't kill the little boogers already.
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