Suede's Daughter, Delilah...etc


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I never get pics of DeDe, but she's a pretty young lady, so I made an effort. Still didn't get great ones, but here she is with Suede in the background (who is molting and brassy right now, sorry). Someone begged to buy her one day and she is pretty, even with her faults, but when my young pullets grow old enough for Suede, I will be removing Delilah to put in the laying flock, and replacing her with these two blue girls.


Yep, I know. That's why I'm going to take her out of there. She's a beauty, but just has a couple of faults that if I have someone to replace her with (which is why I'm growing out these two pullets), she needs to be in with the laying flock and Dutch. I think she'd rather anyway. She paces the fence all the time, wanting out with the freeranging layers.
Aww, she is so pretty. I love her nice green sheen. Gorgeous!


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