suet cakes on clearance should I buy them for my chickens like for 99 cents ???


7 Years
Nov 23, 2013
got the snack basket on clearance for $2 regular $6... Its a rectangle about 9 by 6 inches and 3 inches deep. they only had one left by" Royal Wing"
Suet cakes were 99 cents. should I buy them all and save most for next winter ???
thanks so far only 5 adult chicken used to be 6
and several chicks in house waiting for 6 weeks to get hee and warm weather.....
thanks all
I keep a little stash of suet cakes in my outside fridge when they go on sale. I'm not sure if the birds really need them or not, but they like them and it's fun to watch them play with them!
thanks donrae
now if I can just remember to go there again ...... and find the one I bought..... Why keep in refrig do they spoil?
I'd bought mine in the spring/summer, and for keeping them long term they got hot and melty and icky. I have a second fridge in the garage that comes in handy for things like that
well went back and got the rest 6 of them... I read label wrong it is suet SPREAD......THEY KIND OF PECKED AT IT..... smells like peanut butter sort of.. but light consistency...
well if chickens dont eat it will just give to wild birds next year.....
at least using th large basket to put banana etc in for big chickens... LOL

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