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    Is it safe to feed peahens the seed covered suet cakes they sell at supermarkets and feed stores/I was told it is really good for them when it is really cold but then I was told it is dangerous for them and for Guinea fowl,too.Anyone have personal experience ?Thank you.
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    First lets [​IMG]
    On the suet cakes,, I do not have an answer as to harmful to peafowl. It is good for so many songbirds though. Basically it is seeds with some fat in it. The fat can be of different variety... pork, beef, mutton, or coconut oil. Don't know of any of these to be bad.. [​IMG]
    Ask at the feed store where they sell them.. They may know more. If you just want to add some heat generating food for them, give them cracked corn.
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    Good question, Im sure it wont hurt them in small quantities as most of us give table foods to our birds and if we dont then they will fight the dogs for it. Ive never tried suet before so keep us posted. Consider this for cold temperatures, fowl are a lot like us and when it gets cold increasing carbs will allow them to expend more energy thus providing heat thats why I, as well as most people increase whole grains in the winter and prep with higher protein and less carbs around January (Texas) for the breeding season. Hope this helps.

    Gerald Barker

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