Suffocating? I’m new to this

Tia Up North

Jun 7, 2020
I’m new to hatching chicks. My boyfriends hen has been sitting on eggs for 6 weeks. They were all failing so I bought an incubator. She successfully hatched a chick 4 days ago and 15 hours ago I discovered a chirping egg! I brought the egg back to my incubator whereupon I learned that humidity level is very important and it took a few hours before I had a hygrometer. So the humidity definitely went too high and too low but for relatively short periods of time. There was a tapping noise inside the egg about 8-10 hours ago but I haven’t heard anything since. I am getting worried! I decided to candle the egg and trace out the air pocket. I saw no movement. I just made a tiny emergency breathing hole. I am contemplating going further (as the hole is so tiny I’m not sure it would have pierced the membrane so can the chick get air?)
Someone please help! It’s late, I’m so worried, it’s only the second potential chick and I don’t want to lose it.

It was the bantam

In the Brooder
Jun 1, 2020
I'm confused.You say your hen has been sitting on eggs for 6 weeks.You sure about that?Eggs take three weeks only to hatch for hen eggs.
You then go on to say that the healthy chick hatched 4 days ago.If that is the case then the chances for the egg you put in the incubator would sadly be very slim.My advice would be to assist straight away.Start at the air sac end of the egg.

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