Suggestion on turning car port frame into coop


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Jul 17, 2018
I have a 12' x 20' car port frame i was looking at turning into a coop for about 4-6 hens. Live in SoCal so don't think weather is too big of an issue.

Need advice on a coop and materials for the enclosure and any other suggestions for a 1st timer. Pretty handy with the tools, so no concern there.

Thanks in advance!!


Sep 6, 2019
That would make a great chicken coop and run. I would put a coop on one end and add fencing around the whole thing with a man door on the end. Kind of like this. Add whatever roof you like.


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Jul 10, 2009
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My Coop

That is EXACTLY what I'd like to get for my new coop, which I'm planning as an Open Air design.

If I had one (my silly sister-in-law, with whom we share the property, insists on parking her car in it. Can you imagine? :eek: 🤣), I would adapt it as follows:

  • Bolt 2x4's to the metal uprights to provide a good surface for attaching siding and wire.
  • Fasten sheets of T-111, Hardiboard, or other suitable siding material (whatever is available/affordable), to the windward end to create a box that extends from about 18-24 inches above ground level to 8-12 inches below the level of the roof, leaving the gable triangle open.
  • Use concrete blocks to create an interior sill to contain the deep litter.
  • Create a frame in which to mount one of the various old screen doors (suitably reinforced with hardware cloth), that I refused to let DH throw away.
  • Cover everything else with hardware cloth and apply an anti-dig apron.
  • Install perches and nestboxes however is most convenient.


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Jul 26, 2008
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My Coop
P.S. Because of my climate I would not bother with creating a fully-enclosed box. Maybe stub walls if swirling wind created an actual problem.
Yep, x2... in southern California you want a pretty open coop... NOT closed box.

Definitely roof the entire thing.. but you want breeze at perch level.

You can have shutters to close up in huge sideways blowing storms

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