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    Mar 14, 2011
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    Man alive - it's got to be tough to police "Random Ramblings." I just read through a couple of those threads and I was surprised to see certain words being used or topics. I'm no prude, but it's interesting what topics and words and innuendos are danced in the grey and are not black and white enough for you to delete or stop. I'm a bit nutty around kids, though. I don't like them being exposed to certain words or conversations....and unfortunately, I think I see that quite a bit on here. If this was really a family site - there'd be much less of that.

    What if there was a "random ramblings" for adults with a password protection? I belong to another forum that's for all ages. There's an adult's only section where in order to enter, you need to email a mod for a password and they have to have reasonable doubt that you are of age to answer. If you are new to the forum, you aren't elligible for a time period to get a password. I'm sure the HOW to get a password could be modified. Perhaps instead of emailing a mod - it could automatically be mailed to you after X amount of posts and proving your age through some method? ::shrug:: Either way - the adult section is WAY adult with almost no rules. It's quite fun. lol.

    To make it fair for the under 18 crowd... there could be a "random ramblings" 18 and below section? Or a clean section where any sort of topic relating to anything sexual/adult controvercial wouldn't be posted?

    My suggestion isn't to stop adults from talking like adults.... but to limit what kids on this site are exposed to. If there was an adult section, we could have it both ways.

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    age is to hard to prove online... people may come off as an adult but are really children. we have had problems with people posing to be one person and they turn out to be another ... not fun.. upsets many..
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    I think this has been addressed before and it is not really possible to do for the various reasons that Dar mentioned. If you come across something that you think is not appropriate on the site, you can always report it. The moderators will close down a thread if it is not appropriate or delete a posting. I know they are trying to keep this family oriented but it is hard to keep up with all of the threads and postings. Reporting it will bring it to the moderator's attention quickly.
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    The Mods have literally thousands of posts a day to monitor - sometimes a few slip thru. Be sure and use the "Report" button if you see foul language, non-family oriented posts, etc. You will be doing everyone a favor.
  5. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Yes, report it. They react very fast. I cuss like a sailor, but NOT on BYC or fb.

    Keep in mind though, some of the worst posts are BY the younger set, testing the limits, I guess. [​IMG]

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