Suggestions for a small feeder and waterer for about 4 hens in a small coop

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    Mar 28, 2015
    Ok I have researched a ton on this and still not finding what I need. I want to buy a small feeder and waterer that doesn't take up too much space in our 4 hen capacity coop. I want them to have room to run and hang out in their coop without taking away all their floor space. I do plan to let them go out in the backyard freely when we are in the yard but we have many frequent wild bird eaters on our property that will eat the feed so I don't want to leave the feed out for just any bird to swoop in and eat.
    Looking for suggestions for in the coop, that doesn't take up too much room but is able to feed and provide water for 4 Adult hens. I am getting the hens next week so pressed for time. Help please :)

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    I used a solid bottom rabbit feeder in one of my 4x4 coops. It was easy to fill and took up very little space. I think I paid about 8 dollars for it at the feed store.

    AND [​IMG]

    There are threads on here somewhere for PVC feeders that are easy to make and take up very little space.
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    For feeder, I suggest you to hang about 12 in - 18 in above ground so you don't need to deal with mice, and free up space. For waterer, 1-gallon waterer is good enough, and it needs to sit on 2 cinder blocks. Don't hang your waterer.

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