Suggestions for worm medication?


6 Years
Jun 7, 2013
Brook Park, Minnesota
Haven't been posting in some time -- the keets are now out and about and are trained to come into their coop at night. Even sheltering with the two peacocks at night. I've noticed some runny poop but no way of knowing who has it -- keet wise.

Just wormed the peafowl - they will eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich treats so getting worm meds in them is easy.

Any suggestions? Preferences for worming guineas?

Also - have two smaller keets being excluded at times from the crowd. Can't tell if there's a rooster rivalry going on or what -- not sure what mix of females to males we have.

This depends on what you are worming for (actual worms) or coccidiosis (not really a worm but a protozoa) which is common in young birds of any species. Amprolium is the medication in medicated chick feed would you think that'd work?
Some wormers only help with certain worms. For example, wazine is good for roundworms and nodular worms. I would find a wormer that is good with all sorts of worms. I actually have natural worming remedies. I put garlic in the water and feed them pumpkin seed, cayenne pepper, and DE. The problem with natural worming is you have to do it once or twice a month rather than twice a year with the chemical wormers.
I thought I was the only one who fed my birds PBJ sandwichs. My guineas absolutely love peanut butter and jelly I am sure yours will too.
thanks for the natural suggestions. we've got garlic powder formulated for the horses and garlic tablets for the dogs. where do you find the right kind of DE for animal consumption? I got some at Fleet Farm here in MN and it's not food grade. I can mix up pumpkin, garlic, and cayenne and let them have a treat. Haven't tried the peanut butter and jelly with the guineas but I will this weekend!! If I can keep the peacocks away from it! LOL
I get my food grade DE from the feed store in 5 pound bags. You could purchase it online, though I have never done so. Amazon has 10 pounds for 17 something dollars, that's pretty cheap since I get five pounds for $12 but I wouldn't know what to expect from online purchases. You should call your local feed store or tractor supply and ask if they have it (better to call than make the trip and find out they don't have it). If you buy it make sure it is white or at least off white because I have heard people buying it with a reddish tint and it made their chickens sick.
I got some DE that DOESN'T say "food grade " ...I mixed it with pure filtered pool filter sand...I was hoping they would dust in the box...I noticed a couple of them acting like they were eating it a little bit...the DE is white, not red keets are 5 weeks old and seem I need to take it out of their coop ?
It doesn't say either way...
Most of the diatomaceous earth registered as insecticides have some sort of poison in them, so make sure that the diatomaceous earth you purchase is clearly labeled Food-Grade. I dont think yours is food grade because I went on a website that was selling it and in the Q&A section someone asked if it was food grade and it said it was not. I wouldnt use that product on my pets.

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