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  1. crazee4chickens

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    Oct 24, 2016
    So I'm doing some research on buying a new incubator but I don't really have any idea on which brand or model I'd like to purchase yet. I'm looking for suggestions from other members on which incubators they would recommend. I'm looking for a forced air one and I'd like everything digital as far as having thermometer and humidity control. Right now I use a still air incubator that I'm not very happy with and would like something a little less complicated especially when it comes to the fluctuation in trying to adjust the temperature. With the one I have now I feel like I can't keep it at a steady temperature and when I try to adjust it it's just difficult to get it exactly right. Does anybody have any suggestions on a forced air incubator that they are happy with or would recommend? One that you have great hatch rates with. I'm looking for one that is affordable that will be a great investment. Thank you for any suggestions.
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    I've worked with both Brinseas (Mini Advance, Mini Eco, Octagon Eco DX) and R-Coms (10 Pro, 20 Suro) and been very impressed with both. My favorites have definitely been the Mini Aadvance and the 10 Pro. Excellent hatch rates from all, but those two in particular are fantastic. The Mini Advance does lack digital control on humidity (except on Advance EX models), but I found it simple enough to maintain humidity (squirt a bit of water in one of the wells every few days). The R-Coms are 100% digital, set it and forget it, but pricier than the Brinseas while offering the same hatch rates with only slightly less attention.
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  3. crazee4chickens

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    Oct 24, 2016
    Thank you for the helpful info! I'll check them out.
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    Genesis Hovabator 1588... affordable and reliable...
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    Sep 18, 2016

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