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    I was thinking about trying to sell some hatching eggs from my Millie Fleur D'Uccle flock after this sememster in college. I was wondering could anyone give my any ideas about how to start this project. What should I sell them for? What type of payment should I except? How should I pack them? And any other suggests you might have.
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    The best way in my opinion is to watch Eggbid and see what that type of eggs go for. You can then offer them here on BYC. I am sure you would have some takers. Or you could put the eggs on Eggbid.

    I prefer PayPal because the money is instantly available and you don't have to hold eggs for payment. A PayPal account is easy to set up. If you decide to take money orders just list your eggs and give yourself 4-5 days to get the money. List the eggs once they start to lay and then collect them when someone has acreed to buy them. Some People Use Ebay but I find it very cumbersome. I don't want to scan through all types of poultry looking for what I want. I know they have a search feature but sometimes I might be looking for several thing. People abuse the auction by listing incubators and all sorts of other products in the Hatching Egg catagory.

    It works best to have photos of your flock. I don't not even bother looking at an auction without photos if I don't know the breeder.

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