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9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Westover, Maryland
Thought I'd ask the experts on what breeds / mix they thought these guys were. All of them I bought when they were 1 week old at a local farmers market. I was told they all were red star sex links / RIR (or production reds).

This is "Pretty Boy Floyd". I'll have to get a better pic of him. He is very colorful. Red star?

This is "Spencer."

These two guys don't have names. I'm trying to find new homes for them, so I try not to name them if they will be leaving me.
He is pretty cool with the "polka-dots" on his belly.

Lastly, but not least....
They all 4 look like what you would get from crossing Red Sexlink to Red Sexlink. I just wrote a post the other day on what you get from that cross and yours look like a good illustration as to what you would get if they are. You would get White tailed Reds, Black Tailed Reds, White taile Columian, and black tailed columbian.

I'll try to find the thread where we were talking about it.

Here it is

I'm pretty sure thats what they would be, they white tailed red ones wouldnt be Red Stars becuase they would be white if they were. So I, gonna say Red Star X Red Star on all of them.
Thanks for the info! Very interesting! My hens are red with white tails, and some red with black tails. So are they all Red Star x Red Star? None are striaght Red Stars (does that make sense)? What about Spencer, the white one, you think is RS x RS too? I was told my older Roosters (see my avatar) are production reds. If I crossed them with my Barred Rock hens, would I get Black Sex Links?

Here are what the chicks looked like when I bought them.

Nope Red Stars are Sexlinks so the females are red and a the roos are white, with yours, all the roos except on is red so they arent Red Stars. If you didnt have the White one, if you just had White Tailed Reds and Black tailed Reds , then I would say they are Red Star hens X Production Red becuase that is what you would get from that. But then where would the White one come from ??? BUT a Red Star roo on RIR Whens can produce the White roos like that.

So the opitons could be RS X RS, Pro Red roo X RS hen, or RS roo X Pro Red roo.

And yes, Pro Red roo on Barred Rock hens will give typical Black Sexlinks.
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