Suitable Home for ducklings?


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Sep 24, 2020
Yes but they will grow out of it quickly. The wood shavings will need to be changed often. I would recommend a different feeder. Our ducklings are now in a horse trough and they can look out over the top and hop out. We have them on compressed pine bedding used for horses. The lady at our local Agway recommended them over just shavings. It made a big difference. We still need to change it daily. We only have our little duckies in at night till their pen is built.
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Jul 5, 2020
You CAN but its gonna get too cramped and too wet and smelly within a matter of days. If they're the pekins in your display picture, they're doubling in size again.

Your waterer is also not suitable for ducks, they need to be able to dunk their whole head underwater to clean out their nostrils. Try something like a plastic bottle or jug with a hole cut in the side of it - big enough for them to get their heads in but not so big that they can get their whole body in and make a mess. You'll want to sit the jug inside a really shallow tray like a disposable pie plate or maybe a lid to something to catch the extra splashes. That will help keep their bedding dry. You'll probably have to make one or two more of these as they get taller and the hole needs to be moved further up for them. Make sure its low enough that they're not strangling themselves to get their necks over it, but still tall enough that their head fits under the water line

Where are you located/what's your weather like right now? When you plan to move them outside? If theyre going to be indoors for a while yet, I'd AT LEAST bump them up to one of the really big totes, but bigger is always better so if you can move them into a kiddie pool with a playpen fence around it or something like that, do it.

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