Sulfadimethoxine Liquid???---Nevermind!!!

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    Hey Nevermind the question at the bottom. We got ahold of someone at our local University that specializes in poultry!!! We had talked to Robert Brown and he felt that toxocidiosus is what the Roo has but come to find out, based on what this local Vet at the university has told us our Roo is still just getting over his pneumonia and has a really bad cold. She said she seriously doubted the toxocidiousis since they are both still eating well but still sneezing and coughing alot. If they had the toxocideosis then they would not be getting better nor eating and drinking or even standing at this point. So looks like he will pull through!!! [​IMG] We are now just using electyolytes and lots of peace and quiet and waiting it out. [​IMG]

    Hey everyone. We are trying to find dosage information on how to give Sulfadimethoxine Liquid to our SS chickens. We were told that we got rid of the pneumonia only to have toxocidiosis flare up because of the poopy water exposure where we found them laying. We can order to powder online from peter brown but we found the liquid locally for ALOT less though the store is not sure of the dose. We also called around and no one is sure of the dose for a bantum chicken. Of course the store we found that has it is the ONLY one within 100 miles of here that carries it! Leave it to us to need something weird.
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