-----sulky hen---will she get over it?


10 Years
Aug 3, 2009
I have a hen that just sits and sulks since I gave away the rooster she spent time with.

I had a Silky rooster that I gave away 4 days ago. the two birds were inseparable.
They would spend the whole day together and not always interact with the rest of my flock, they slept together with his head on her back all night (I checked this out at night 4-5 times).
She seemed to help him with his molting by cleaning his feathers. I was given them together, but he had to go because he was just not working out with the rest of my flock.
He was terrorizing my chicks, sounding alarm for no reason 7-8 times a day. Stressing out 3 of my other hens. He was the bottom of my pecking order, had to feed him seperatly because the other chickens -roosters included would hurt him and chase him away.

He has a nice new home, 3 Silky girls of his own, but my girl has just been sitting by herself, fluffed up, won't interact with the others.

So far only 2 eggs in 4 days.

My question is will she get over the loss? Or should I just give her up to the lady that has my rooster?

I did not want to give the rooster up, I had to, and I really don't want to give my hen up she is a good layer.

But I just don't like to see her in so much loneliness.

My hubby says I'm just being silly.
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