Sultan chicken with growth on beak and diarrhea. photos. please help.


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9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
My Sultan hen is 14 months old. I have noticed her hanging around the coop lately. Not herself. Is obviously disturbed by something. I check her several times a day and no change for the past week. There is a growth on top of her beak. I have no clue what it is. Today I saw her have diarrhea. I have 11 other hens of different breeds but they all seem fine. They free range all day and are tame enough for me to get good looks at them to be sure they are o.k. We do have 2 coons left to get rid of. The coop is locked up as tight as fort knox at night so chickens are safe. There is security light and sound for dogs to go to coop and invesigate when the raccoons come around but, I'm wondering since little ophelia is always at the coop these days....could she be getting sick from the coons? Also, the other hens are wyandottes and cochins and leghorns...much bigger than Ophelia...maybe that has something to do with her staying alone. She has stopped laying too. Normally she is a little laying machine. Does anyone know what I can do for her?


Thanks for responding. It almost looks like a piece of corn. It is kind of soft and i do believe it is tissue like inside. I notice a very small crack at the top of it that looks like it might be able to bleed. She has another one coming out on the side of her beak too. You can see it in the picture. They are growing out of the soft red tissue edge.

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