Sumatra -Girl or boy?!!!

uk chicken lady

8 Years
Jan 16, 2012
Can anyone help please? I bought three bantam pullets last week, although I am not sure if this black sumatra is a pullet or a cockerel. You seem like you all know your stuff, please help!
She looks like a pullet to me, and a pretty one at that!

My Sumatras are my second favorite breed!
Thank you all! I am very tempted to get a cockerel to go with her if that's the case. Not sure what the neighbours will say though! She is beautiful, I can't wait to see her in the summer sun.
pullet. she wont get that beautiful long tail like the males though and those tails are hard to keep up at times and crows are loud(although i'm used to the lf version of sumatra).
Yes the cockerels are stunning. I've been told that the bantams don't make that much noise, but I may have to investigate that!!!!
if i had some pics of the boys outside i would post you some but alas i dont have any right now i will have to try and get some pics as i need to also post some on the Sumatra and Yokohama thread to see what rooster looks the best. have to many and all came from hatchery have like 2 hens of each and 3-4 roos of each color (black and blue Sumatra's and red shouldered and silver duck-wing Yokohama's)

i have a poll going for my show that i held called best action shot if those who read this have time to go over and look through the pics and vote i would appreciate it would have judged myself but there are so many good pics have fun looking at the pics the link im giving is to the poll and in my 1st post is a link to the show and pics

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