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Apr 21, 2015
Hedley British Columbia Canada
I am getting about 3 Sumatra's. 1 rooster, and 3 hens. They will have access to a covered run from early spring - late fall possibly early winter, or all year long. It all depends on weather as sometime the snow comes very late here, and we don't get much more then a few inches through out most of the winter. I have a month before they arrive so that gives me time to get the coop and run ready for them. finding information on this breed is very hard.

I would like to know:
What size coop do they need?
What size their run should be?

Thank you :)
Welcome to BYC
from The San Diego High desert....

I have been wanting Sumatras for a very long time.... Congrats.

Like all other chickens they should have enough coop space.... four square feet per chicken.... And ten square feet per chicken for a run... That being said.... Sumatras are fairly active so I would bump that square footage up if you can.

I know a person here on BYC that has Sumatras in New York State... and they free range on his 80 acres... 24/7 365 days a year. It was a feral flock that he rescued from a town that was going to kill them all.

His broodies raised chicks all year long.... Through the winter and had them out foraging in the snow. So They are not the hot house flowers you might think.

If you get very cold in the winter its more important to have good ventilation than anything else.

Good luck and I sooo envy you.


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