Sumatra Roo Sammy with hurt foot


9 Years
Sep 16, 2010
Canaan Ny
I fed the birds this morning, and saw blood on the snow. Fearing the worst I did a head count. All accounted for. I noticed the blood appeared to be where Sammy was. I see his toenail has blood on it. I'm heading out now to set up a cage to isolate him in my workshop. I know foot injuries are bad on Chickens. I'll give more details after I catch him, gloved, Sammy does NOT like to be held and bites. He is a good boy in all other circumstances. He just does not like to be caught. What should I be looking for?

My initial plan is to clean his foot, and put some peroxide on it. Then if all looks good, wrap it. Does this sound like a plan if it is only a cut, or a broken nail? Thanks!

this is Sammy
If it's his nail, don't use peroxide-use clean warm water, put Neosporin without pain reliever on it and wrap it.
If you have a hard time getting it to stop bleeding, use some flour.
Good luck!
First get a good look at the foot... if a cut, yeah, clean well, neosporin it and wrap with vet wrap. If toenail... use something to stop the blood, I use flower on the tip to promote clotting.

Good luck.

having a little trouble catching him. He walked right up to me, and I missed him..... now he is mad. Looks like it is a nail on his right foot. There is shavings stuck to his nail. The bleeding has stopped. He is free range, so really tough to catch. I'm going to let him calm down a while and wait until I have help.
it's a broken nail. Sammy is very upset with me, but on the mend. While trying to catch him , he mounted one of his hens. Guess it isn't bothering him much! Thank you everyone! Sammy with one of his pretty girls!

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