Sumatra Roo with swollen foot

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    My Sumatra rooster decided to pick a fight (through the wire) with my Crevecoeur roo. He sliced the back of his leg open (right where his "thumb" and leg join together. I cleaned it out & put him on antibiotics. That was a week ago. The leg is now swollen (larger than the other one) and he's not really limping but stands one-legged a lot now. [​IMG] I've recaptured him and cleaned it up again and the wound is almost non-existent already but the leg is still puffy. I still have him on antibiotics.

    Is there anything I can do for the swelling?

    Oh and he's got fresh pine shavings (about 6" in the coop) and new sand in the run.
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    wish I had advice for you - I'm wondering if the wound got clean enough - maybe it has closed up over an infection. You could try soaking in warm water with dish soap, hard to do I know but alot of times chickens will relax in the hot water after a while.

    Can you search for info on the antibiotic you are using? you may not be using the best one for wounds - what kind are you using?

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