sumatras have 2 eggs in the nest box.....any guarantees?


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May 5, 2009
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i have 3 sumatra hens and a roo. the past few days i have left 2 eggs in the nest box hoping one of the hens will go broody. is it too early to expect a broody sumatra hen eventho spring has sprung? should i leave the eggs and just wait and see?

id love to let the sumatras raise some chicks this year. i have never let any of my other breeds raise babies... so not much experience with broodiness.

any info/experience is be greatly appreciated.
I have never tried to get my hens to go brooody the just do it. I have 2 right now I take eggs away doesn't seem to matter they'll just sit on nothing.

So good luck trying get yours to go broody
wow....and i thought by collecting the eggs was the reason my hens havent gone broody. (i have jersey giants, EE, light brahma, and barred rock)
Some breeds go broody more often than others. Silkies are forever going broody on me. But I have never done anything that has made them go broody. Getting them to stop has always been the problem. If I remember correctly Sumatra's are not likely to go broody very easily. They are part of the jungle fowl, and that makes them less broody.

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