Summer roost in covered run?

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    I worry that my 4 hens will get too hot during the night in their very small coop. There is only enough room for the 4 of them to roost on one bar straight across the top of the coop. Cozy in winter, but pretty hot, I would imagine, when the coop is 90 degrees at sundown. Has anyone ever tried setting up a summer roost in the run? Would they use it? I have a fairly large, secured, covered run area.
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    May 18, 2016
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    the chickens will roost on the one that is the darkest and highest

    they will not stay out in the run at night

    understanding properties of water and that heat will transfer.. you can try these things

    put some frozen water bottles or a cool gallon bottle with lid opened in the coop to help cool the coop down a bit for them

    you can also put pan(s) of water in the coop..

    but you will have to worry about them digging and throwing bedding materials into it along with their manure.. etc.

    i use frozen water bottles.. i noticed they like to roost next to the frozen water bottles
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    Mine have roosted out in the run on really hot nights. However, you'd best make sure the run is extremely secure!! And if the roost is within 18" of the a side wall or wire ceiling, make sure there is a layer of hw cloth in that area to prevent potential reach-ins.

    If your coop doesn't have much ventilation, then you might look at how you could modify it by cutting window openings (hw cloth tacked on w/fender washers and screws) - plexiglass screwed over the windows in winter.

    I have a tiny fan in my smallest coop - probably doesn't cool too much, but feels cooler with constant airflow...
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