Summer watering systems for a large flock

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  1. I would like some ideas on how to water 15+ pens of chickens during the summer. At present, each pen has a black rubber tub that is cleaned and filled once per day during the summer...

    In the winter, I'm reduced down to filling pop bottles and every pen has a pop bottle waterer on the inside of their doors in the coop. This isn't so bad because I have extras and just switch them out once a day.

    Anyway, I'm looking for some ideas on some set-ups which would be a little easier in the summers. I have heard about people using troughs, gutters, etc and running them through the rows of pens....

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    I have seen people using the gutter systems. SO If you have 5 pens along side eachother they have it rigged to where that system waters all 5 pens-using pvc pipes coming down from the main gutter-with an elbow at the very bottom ending inside coop for drinking-like a long "J"?? Very cool to see-Ill try and hunt a photo down~
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    I plan to try these Chicken Watering Nipples as soon as I can.

    My plan is to use these nipples with a 5 gallon bucket. Nipple mounted in the bottom.

    In the summer, I'll add blocks of ice to the water.

    In the winter I'll keep a top of the bucket to prolong the eventual freezing of the water . . . I'll also have a 2nd bucket in the house thawing.

    Here is some good BYC reading on the topic:

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    I'd look at either nipples or the little red cups that snap off for easy cleaning. Either can be hooked up to a hose or large water container.
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    You can put out as many as you want because you can put them in line. Just buy one hose and hose mender ends and cut lengths in between each pen.
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  7. Quote:Does that work if I had 15+ pens though?
  8. Quote:I have to check into those more...most of the people I've read about that have used the nipple things have stopped for one reason or another...
  9. Quote:I'd love to see photos of that....

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    I have my pens set up with six pens on front and six on back with a central walkway. We tried the cups with absolutely no luck with them working. My husband took 6 inch pvc and ran the length of the pens. On one end he cut a hole and inserted a tank float attached to a hose. In each pen we cut three 3 inch holes. I put a screw on cap on the end of each length of pvc and once a month I drain it and clean it out. So we basically have two pipes and we have had temps down to 19 and they did not even ice over. I love the fact that they fill as the chickens drink and that I don't have to haul water anymore. I have the pvc type feeders also. I can now leave home for the weekend and don't have to worry about them running out. In this pic you can see in the background what I'm talking about.

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