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Mar 10, 2016
I have a bantam hen that has a bald back at the moment, which I'm assuming is from the younger of my 2 roosters. I never see them pulling her feathers out, though, which is the part that confuses me. Anyway, some days her back is a tannish color, and recently her back has looked red like it's sunburned. Is this sunburn? And is it going to hurt her if nothing is done about her? She's on the skiddish side and won't really let me touch her. And is there a way to help get her feathers to grow back without isolating her?
I have a bare back / bare butt hen due to another plucking her feathers (the feather picker was rehomed). She turns from tan to red like you are describing, and often changes back and forth ... it is not sunburn, just normal. I would put an apron on her if she has no feathers and is being mated. The roosters can cut into her bare skin with their spurs and toe nails and the apron will protect her. She does not need to be isolated. Catch her at night when she goes into the coop to roost and she will be easy to catch. Best wishes.

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