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    Jan 15, 2013
    Hi, I have a chicken we rescued and she did recover beautifully. We found her a nice rooster friend, however her got sick and we lost him. after twee weeks she was getting very lonely so we found another rooster. However this rooster abuses her somewhat and this has caused feather loss on her back. Because of the feather loss she has a great area on her back and wings that are burning in the sun. We have tried making the apron thing to help keep out the sun, but she keeps getting out of them,she doesn't like wearing something. Does anyone know what we can give her or rub on to help reduce the burn and help stimulate feather growth. we are busy looking for another hen so the rooster wil leave her alone for a while.
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    I'm not sure I'd want to put any kind of a sunscreen on her. They are questionable for human use. My roo's favorite hen ends up the same way and I just left her be. If there are places she can get out of the sun, under bushes, trees, she'll be fine. Another thing you can do is make them a dusting box. She will be covered with a fine layer of dirt from it and that will also help protect her back.

    the best thing you can do is what you yourself has already said. Find more hens.
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    I would find a new home for the rooster and get more hens.

    If you want to keep the rooster he will need many more hens, otherwise they will all end up with featherless backs like your one - I would say at lease 7 hens!

    For now I recommend you keep the hen and rooster separate to give the feathers chance to grow back. They grow back really quickly if the hens diet is good - just a good quality chicken pellet and some vegetables are all that's needed.

    Keep the hen in a covered run so she does not get sunburnt. You can let her out in the early morning and late afternoon when the sun is not too strong.

    Good luck with your chickens!

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