Sunday oct 3 morning. please help

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Sep 5, 2010
Our five week old Easter Egger is not chirping. She flapped and flapped and we pulled her out to see that she layed down and closed her eyes. She rolled over on her back and strted weezing. I picked her up and looked in her mouth but found nothing. I carried her to water and food and she just layed there. Several minutes later she opened her eyes but could not chirp. Half an hour later she still cant chirp. Shes just standing now, eyes open, then closed, then open. Her sisters are fine.
I am so sorry ...I have no idea what to do...but thought this would bump you up...I am sure someone with more experience can advise you on what to do.

Blessings from FL
I really don`t know what would be wrong but the first thing I would think of is vit. deficiency,have you got any baby vit?polyvisol without the iron is what I would use,try to get a drop into her and mix it in her water and continue untill you see a difference
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Have you checked her crop to see if it's impacted.. hard and full?
And get a flashlight and REALLY look into that mouth. If she is that far gone, what do you have to lose?
:(her poo is green and white now. she's looking alot better this morning. she's not very energetic tho. she just stands there. hardly chirps, hardly runs, hardly lays down.
I'm sorry to hear about your little girl. Bring her inside to isolate her and keep an eye on her. Along with some vitamins, see if she will eat plain yogurt and a scrambled egg, and try to get her to drink. Good luck, and keep us posted.
Oh yeah, we killed a huge ass spider the other day, and let the babies eat it. We don't remember who ate the bulk of the spider, might have been the one that is now ill. Can spiders make chicks sick?
Well nearly 24 hours later she is doing much better. She had foam around her mouth this afternoon, and we cleaned it up real good, had a look down her throat, and her tongue, and everything looked good. She wouldn't eat yogurt. By this evening she was starting to chirp and eventually run around. Now the only difference between her and the other babies is that she is sleeping standing up. I can live with that.

Had a real scary night last night. Thanks for your help.

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