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7 Years
Aug 8, 2012
This is how Sunny Side Up Condo's got started. It all started in July 2012 when I got the wild hair to have chickens. My husband David agreed so we went to talk to our good friend Will. He is very talented and can build anything. He said he would build it with David's help but,he expected eggs in return.
July 31st they gathered all the supplies they had on hand. Will had just moved into his new home he had build so he had a lot of extra lumber and supplies.They finished the floor. It was going to be 71/2 x 12.

Will teaches school so they could only work on Saturday and mostly early morning due to the extreme heat in Mississippi in August. Aug. 4th they framed up the coop and got the top beams up.

With the help of my friend Martha I got the tin for the roof. Aug. 11th the roof was finished and the roost and egg box was started. I was painting as they finished an area.

Our kitty Tipsy had to check it all out.

The egg box lifts so that I can easily reach the eggs. There is a door on each end of the roost for easy cleaning.

Aug. 25th they started putting up the hardware cloth, and made my door. It was beginning to look like a chicken coop. My daughter and son in law helped me make my art decor.

Sept. 15th. The coop was not completely finished. Still needed trim put on to hide edges of hardware cloth but, it was bird ready. Sept.22nd We have chickens. I got 6 young chicks. They were 4 and 5 weeks old. I got 2 Red Star, 2 Black Giants and 2 White Cornish. I also got them named.

Sept. 28th they completed the coop. The chickens love it.

We have had them almost a month now and how they have grown. David and I have really enjoyed sitting on the patio and watching them. They have really gotten used to us visiting them several times a day. I think they look forward to seeing us in hopes we have crickets.

Now we are just waiting for early spring and our first eggs.
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Great job on the coop! I'm sure they will provide you many happy hours of peaceful viewing and entertainment.
two of our hens became roosters, we replaced them with two red star hens, they were about one month younger than the original flock, (4), we gathered our first egg, january 29, 2013, today we had five eggs....

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